Tree Risk Assessment

One of the main things people want to hear from a consulting arborist is whether or not their tree is safe. At STC, we use the International Society of Arboriculture’s suggested method for scoring a tree’s potential to cause catastrophic failure. From there, we help our clients to decide the best course of action. This could be anything from minor pruning to major reductions in combination with cables & braces. In some cases we do need to recommend removal of certain specimens or that they be reduced to wildlife snags.

Inventory and identification

This could mean you just bought a new property & need some help getting acquainted with the yard & the trees that are in it. Or maybe you just took over the tree 

maintenance issues for a park system or school district & you need some help figuring out what needs attention by order of priority.

Permits and Construction

Seattle, and many surrounding municipalities, have very specific guidelines for home & business owner’s when it comes to tree issues. Many local cities are strict when it comes to tree removal & require that permits be obtained before certain trees can be cut down. It is also common for developers to work with consulting arborists about issues concerning the protection of established trees near construction zones. STC writes tree protection protocols for builders & navigates all portions of the permitting process for clients who wish to have protected trees removed or pruned.​


Basic Consultation

Often times what a client needs is some orientation to their yard or a specific issue that is concerning them with a mature tree. Give us a call to find out what a consultation can do for you.

Selection and Installation

If you are interested in installing a tree that has the potential to be a flourishing member of the community for the next hundred + years, we will help you find the tree, as well as situate it in its new home.

During a site visit we assess sunlight, 

water availability, soil conditions, & what your desire for the new tree is. From there we compile a list of trees that would thrive in the chosen location. 

Once you decide on a species, STC will help you obtain a top 

quality specimen 

from good stock -that has an elegant form - which will lend itself to developing good long term structure.

We can deliver most trees, as well as install them using a variety of methods - including root washing. We always surround the bases of the trees that we install with arborist chips, set up guy lines as needed for stability, & provide slow release water bags so that you don’t have to remember to water every day.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plans

In the Pacific Northwest we are lucky to be able to cultivate an incredible range of plants, all of which are have their own independent reactions to a rapidly changing environment. At STC we work to discover the root cause of tree health issues. From soil compaction & drought stress - to more complex problems like parasitic fungi & insect pathogens.

STC works to accurately identify the reason why a system is suffering & provide clear advice about how to bring it back to equilibrium.

Aerial Assessment

Often times what is concerning about a tree’s condition can not be properly evaluated from the ground or with binoculars. STC offers aerial tree assessment services. If we can not properly assess the canopy from the ground we will ascend the canopy to get a closer look, take photographs, & if necessary perform more advanced diagnostics.

Fine Pruning

We provide fine pruning services. All of STC's pruners are certified arborists that understand how to work with a tree rather than against it. If you are interested in becoming one of our fine pruning clients contact us for an initial consultation & estimate.


STC is equipped to handle small to medium tree removals. Call or email to discuss your tree needs.